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Megan Fox hits MTV VMAs 2021 red carpet in naked see through dress
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larissa almeida
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Ruby Day
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Botticelli's The Birth of Venus has lived on as a landmark of lily white, idealized femininity for centuries, but in the model-actress India Salvor Menuez's take on the painting—and on idealized images of women in general—she's much more than that, and in fact quite full of snark. \
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Teryaky edit
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Megan Fox hits MTV VMAs 2021 red carpet in naked see through dress
⏲ 1:38 👁 15K
Megan Fox hits MTV VMAs 2021 red carpet in naked see through dress
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The naked dress is alive and well.
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In today's video, we are going to talk about a cat breed which oddly enough, resembles a werewolf.<br/><br/>The Lykoi Cat.<br/><br/>Perhaps you have seen an unusual hairless cat with tall, pointed ears and patches of fur and immediately thought it looked like a werewolf cat. What you saw might have actually been a Lykoi<br/><br/>The name Lykoi, roughly translated, means “wolf cat” in Greek. This is a fitting name for these cats, which many describe as a feline werewolf.<br/><br/>This cat is an “experimental” new cat breed, created from a mutation in domestic short-haired cats over the last 10 years. Unusual appearing hairless kittens were found in different feral litters starting around 2010.<br/><br/>People captured the animals for a closer look. Some of these kittens were examined for health problems, that may have caused the unusual appearance, but with time and testing, it was determined to be a recessive gene.<br/><br/>Because a black coat was favored by the initial breeders, they have chosen to outcross these cats with domestic black cats. This is an attempt to preserve the unusual appearance of the Lykoi and help prevent inbreeding, and subsequent health problems.<br/><br/>The Lykoi cat is considered to be a partially hairless cat. There is no true undercoat, and parts of the body, such as the eyes, chin, nose, muzzle and behind the ears are commonly hairless. The exposed skin, ears and nose feel similar to leather, and although the skin is normally pink, it can darken with exposure to sun. Most cats will molt some or all of their coat, occasionally leaving them to appear even more naked than usual. This is normal for Lykoi cats, and not associated with a disease process.<br/><br/>Lykoi are not particularly large cats, but the males are typically larger than the females. As is common with the feral cat, their body is lean and strong. Their tails are shorter than their body, and their legs are medium relative to the body size. Their ears are wide set, tall and pointed—contributing to the unusual facial appearance of the cat. Many people feel that this very much contributes to the “wolf look” of these animals.<br/><br/>The Lykoi cats are derivatives of feral cats, and as such, they have retained their strong prey drive. They very much enjoy stalking their cat toys, other pets so beware of smaller animals. They are also cautious when presented with a new situation, preferring to size it up before jumping into the fray, but will quickly warm up to new people and pets.<br/><br/>Although they have been carefully bred to maintain friendly personalities, the “wild cat” life of the feral cat is only a handful of generations behind them. As such, they maintain many of the fascinating traits that help feral cats survive an array of situations they encounter over their life span.<br/><br/>The Lykoi is a new cat breed, as it was developed only in recent years and starting to show in experimental classes.Its unusual look and strong personality, however, are likely to make it a hit, in the show ring and with cat lovers all over the world.
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The Ugliest Animals on the Planet<br/><br/><br/><br/>Not every animal is as cuddly as a giant panda or as extravagant as a peacock, but every animal has its role to play, and every organism is important.<br/>As they say, beauty is only skin deep. Let's hopefor the sake of these 7 unsightly animalsthat the same can be said for ugliness.<br/><br/>Aye-Aye<br/>This gremlin-looking creature, called an aye-aye, is a primate found in Madagascar.Aye-ayes have a number of unusual traits, including long, bony, witch-like middle fingers that they use to pry insects and grubs from tree trunks. Additionally, aye-ayes have incisors that continually grow, which is unusual for primates, and extremely large ears. As it walks along a branch, the aye-aye taps it with its skeletal middle finger.<br/><br/>Proboscis Monkey<br/>A human might run for cover with this nose, but for the proboscis monkey, the bigger the nose, the better. It turns out that nothing turns on a female proboscis monkey more than a big, bulbous schnoz. Scientists believe that the large nose has an effect on a male proboscis monkey's vocalizations that both attracts females and intimidates competitor males.<br/><br/>Elephant Seal<br/>Baby elephant seals and female elephant seals are pleasant-looking. Males, however, begin developing a large nose when they reach sexual maturity, somewhere around three to five years. Much like the proboscis monkey, an elephant seal's large nose plays a role in mating, as it helps generate loud roars that fend off other males.<br/><br/>Star-Nosed Mole<br/>The star-nosed mole might have the most bizarre nose in the animal kingdom. Their weird whiffers are defined by 22 fleshy appendages that act more like ultra-sensitive fingers than a nose. These snouts are lined with more than 25,000 minute sensory receptors that help the mole feel its way through its underground lair.<br/><br/>Naked Mole-Rat<br/>It must be difficult to maintain a vibrant self-image if you're a bald rodent, but it's not an issue for the naked mole-rat. It's certainly helpful that they are nearly blind. These animals live underground in insect-like colonies and have little need for good eyesight. Their nearly hairless bodies are also an adaptation for their underground environment.They can live for nearly 30 years. Additionally, they have a remarkable resistance to cancer.<br/><br/>Monkfish<br/>These unappetizing, freaky-looking fish are a common food delicacy, but for years, people didn't want to eat the fish because it was so ugly. With mottled skin, an unsightly overbite, and a bizarre figure, monkfish are undeniably ugly. But because of their huge heads filled with razor-like teeth, they look awfully mean as well.<br/><br/>Blobfish<br/>Perhaps it's unfair to judge a fish out of water, but the blobfish looks more like a ball of slime than a living creature.<br/>Blobfish live deep in the ocean where pressures are exceedingly high. In fact, the blobfish's gelatinous appearance .<br/>The aesthetically challenged blobfish was once voted the world's ugliest animal .<br/><br/>
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