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⏲ 98 sec ✓ 22-Apr-2014
⏲ 40 seconds 👁 87.3K
⏲ 2 minutes 23 seconds 👁 6.9M
'AIDS' by MC Paul BarmannProduced by Memory Man & Max AnomalousnTrack #17 from
⏲ 1 min 70 sec ✓ 02-Dec-2009
BUILD Series
⏲ 2 minutes 5 seconds 👁 11.1K
Sarah Betts
⏲ 12 seconds 👁 4.2M
Stuart's storynnStuart discusses his experience of growing up without hearing and what school was like for him at a hearing school. Stuart also talks about how he realised he was gay as he grew older. This was something his parents didn’t realise as they thought he was different due to his hearing loss and weren’t initially aware of his intersectional identity.nnThis story discusses bullying based on difference and same sex relationships. nnThemes covered: Disability, bullying, LGBTQ+ identi
⏲ 3 min 60 sec ✓ 09-Mar-2023
Ray William Johnson
⏲ 38 seconds 👁 14.2M
⏲ 3 minutes 25 seconds 👁 383.2K
Hi. I’m not looking for sympathy. I’ve got many unresolved issues. You likely have enough of those yourself. Learning to cope, fall ’n get up, is a very personal formula, a psychical strategy that some learn early in life, some later, some still later, some not at all. A highly valued skill, in fact the most vital skill of all skills, followed by dying with gratitude or peace. That is a hard row to hoe. Growing up is a rough road to travel when one or both parents are enablers in their chi
⏲ 4 min 39 sec ✓ 04-Jun-2022
WPLG Local 10
⏲ 34 seconds 👁 3.3K
Lucy Edwards
⏲ 1 minute 👁 1.3M
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